Data Models in astropy core

Steve Crawford 8 years ago updated by Adam Ginsburg 8 years ago 1

The affiliated packages have developed a number of data models including `CCDData`, `Spectrum1D`, and `spectral cube`. A question is whether these should be moved into the core package.

Good question. Spectrum1D would be great to have in the core at some point, since it now exists in a reasonable state in specutils. SpectralCube, at least from the spectral_cube package, has a lot of components that may or may not be core-acceptable, but we can discuss whether they ought to be factored out.

I think the last time I was present for a discussion on this (maybe >1 year ago...), there were objections to having core objects like these because "generalized WCS would take care of them..." or something along those lines. Is there still any such concern, if I even perceived it correctly?